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...students not 100% sure of admission in top colleges in their chosen stream in India e.g IIT/ NIT for Engg., AIIMS for Medical, SRCC for Commerce, St. Xavier's for Humanities, etc. EVT is a combination of...

The USA UnivQuest - Aptitude Discovery Online Test is a great place to start exploring the world of career and education opportunities. This career aptitude test has been carefully designed to help you understand yourself and identify the right choice of careers for you.

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Why Escape Velocity Test (EVT)

Escape Velocity in Science refers to the minimum velocity that a body must attain to escape from the downward pull of gravity. Similarly, students are weighed down by insurmountable constraints in the current Indian education system. Constraints like the stifling competition to get admission to the best institutions in India, the low quality of education and acceptability of private colleges in India, the low job opportunity, except in a few premium institutions, etc.

Through the Escape Velocity Test (EVT), USA UnivQuest encourages and enables students to recognize possiblities based on THEIR potential and reach out to their dreams, rather than compromise on them.

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